Every organization depends, not just on its officers and staff, but on a board of directors that offer guidance, fresh ideas, and the will to make things happen. The Shreveport Summer Music Festival is fortunate to draw upon the diverse experiences of our board, who continue to help us expand the Festival, and to reach for the stars. Our board represents a cross-section of the arts community, from professional musicians to business leaders and arts patrons.

Executive Officers

  • Leonard Kacenjar, President and Artistic Director
  • Dorthy Sutton, Vice President
  • Nancy May, Secretary
  • Laura Huff, Contracted Accountant
  • Bryan Maertins, Webmaster

Board Members

  • Christopher Allen
  • Tookie Barr
  • Dennis Bennett
  • Beth Brumley
  • Bill Causey, Jr.
  • David Crockett
  • Mary Flanders
  • Matt harris
  • Catherine McKay
  • Ginger Paul
  • Father Kenneth Paul
  • Andrew Power
  • Kermit Poling
  • Lillian Poling
  • Lynn Sayad
  • Sam Sayad
  • Patricia Thompson
  • Fr. Guido Verbeck
  • Tamara Wallace

Honorary Members

  • Dr. Grace Bareikis
  • Larry Brumley
  • Martha Ann Evans
  • Maestro Adrian Gnam
  • Wayne Hall
  • Sybil Patten
  • Dr. Claude Tait
  • Mimi Winterton